Who are we ?

Janamas Foods Uganda Limited is a small-scale tomato processing cottage industry that was incorporated in September 2021.
We are proudly a 100% youth owned agro-business enterprise focusing on tomato value addition and post-harvest loss elimination with plans to diverse into other food product processing lines within the near future.
We buy our tomatoes directly from small holder Ugandan tomato farmers who have challenges of market access for their tomatoes.
We then process them into tomato products which we sell under the brand “Breva”.
We speak inspiration into the hearts of small holder tomato farmers who for a very long time have always lost 50% of their produce due to poor post-harvest handling and limited access to stable markets.
This frustration of post-harvest loss discourages small holder farmers making some of them quit which in turn has a negative impact on their livelihoods and Uganda’s food and nutritional security given the prominent role tomatoes play in our livelihoods and nutritional wellbeing.
As small-scale cottage industry with limited financial resources, our impact is still limited yet we are targeting a very large number of small holder tomato farmers who produce the vast majority of Uganda’s tomatoes.
Therefore, in order to realize our vision and mission much faster, we are open to potential investors, grants and or donations from well wishers as well as partnerships with firms that would want to share with our mission and vision.


To create economic opportunity for Ugandan farmers by making fruit and vegetable farming a more sustainable and profitable economic venture through value addition and processing or raw agricultural products into finished products for domestic and export markets.


To be East Africa’s leading manufacturer of premium quality fruits and vegetable products with customer centric brands.